ASML should be a core holding.

ASML Holding N.V., headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands.

ASML makes the machines that the largest semiconductor makers on the planet need to design chips. Like Intel and Samsung and such. 

Their main product is the size of a school bus. It had an average selling price of 21.9 million euro per copy in 2016.  Up from 25.1 mm-euro in 2015. 

Their filings are clear and go to length to show you their culture and transparency.

Y/Y revenue growth, gross margin and operating margins are in the hands of professionals.  They report five years financials every filing.

ASML staff is based in the Netherlands, with a U.S. hub with three offices (West Coast and CT), and a China/Taiwan/Korea hub.  All engage in R&D and production.

World-Dominant with what they do in EUV – extreme ultraviolet lithography.  “Currently being developed for high-volume use in 2020,” according to Wiki. says ASML should probably get hot.

Main competitor is Global Foundries.  They can’t fab quite as well.

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