Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is Good [edited]

[Update: MS pushes a lot of preview-release updates, even on the “slow” setting.  I’d like a “slower” setting, but just my two cents.]

It feels very lightweight and good.

Why?  Power management on battery is substantially better.  And that’s enough.

My X1 Yoga (1st gen) is pulling 5-8mW at normal usage, vs. 7-11mW at normal prior to update.  Discharge rates are around 4mW when idle, but still on, and not reaching sleep.  I didn’t see idle much below 6.5mW before the update.

This is purportedly driven by improvements to the Power Throttling feature that’s managed by Windows.  This update is definitely noticeable and noteworthy.

You can now choose from four levels of power attitude (via a popup when you click the battery in the Windows system tray), and do it *without* having to change power plans/profiles.  Based on real-world usage, I’ve gone from about 5 hours to 8 hours of comfortable expected max time, and I think it might be getting better.

Screenshot 2017-09-11 21.31.40


There’s some other new stuff that’s immediately useful.

  • Pin websites to taskbar.  Shweet.  It’s Edge only, but still great because there are always a few sites that are terrible on Chrome and that’s when you need Edge.
  • GPU utilization is a new and discrete monitor in Task Manager’s performance view.
  • A new command prompt apparently.  Looks pretty similar to me, but it’s apparently new.  At this point I only have dir and cd.. at close recall.

There’s a pretty long list of other new stuff but most of it is outside of my usage.  These sound interesting:

  • Settings has a new phone integration category.  I’ll wait to hear how that goes since keeping the phone as un-bloated as possible is always paramount.
  • Lots of whatever related to edge, onedrive, cortana, xbox, et al., which is all take it or leave it, and 99% leave it for me.  Xbox live connectivity is supposed to be improved (for steadiness) which is good for all of us even if we don’t xbox.
  • Also whatever: Find-My-Pen feature that can log where you last used a digitizer.  From the dept of small nits that were included into the main payload.
  • There’s supposed to be a Timeline feature that sounds like a good activity log with alt+tab style functionality.  Haven’t found that yet.


small wtc lights

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