Jay-Z This, Jay-Z That. In Jay-Z News.

This intrepid reporter insists that there has to be a new album by September, ending the longest quiet-stretch of Jay Peso’s career (as far as LPs).

This is what we know:

A flurry of reports and tweets and Instagram posts saying he’s been in the studio since last summer. And then these last few months…

March 31 – Announcement to headline The V Festival in the UK in August.

May 1 – Announcement to headline Made In America in Philly (for the first time since he founded it in 2012 (in Philly in Sept).

May 8 – Surprise announcement to headline the Meadows Festival in Queens in September. All hail Caesar’s home, n’s.

The Meadows was actually the 4th announcement and came after a May 4th announcement to headline the Austin City Limits festival. Jay-Z announces his appearance roughly 10 hours after the original lineup is announced. Various woke music and hipster outlets quickly bubble forth with much hand-wringing and “How will Jay-Z adapt to rap’s changed landscape? These days, patois is dropping over Afrobeat tracks and no one likes to see an aging rapper wave-hopping. Fortunately, history suggests that Jay won’t embarrass himself. There is always room for more mingling with the new school, and Hov should take advantage.” [ed: it’s “Hove” or “Hova”, no?]

They nod among themselves in agreement that it’s a good thing he’s been reportedly working with “trap god Zaytoven” (which involves the bubblegum trap genre or somesuch). “But it’s not really trap beats,” Zay says to an actual hiphop site. “He was looking for melodies and stuff.”

The folk-hop enthusiasts manage to say something useful with “all flashing signs indicate that not-so-Young-Hov will hold down yet another summer with a new music project in 2017.”

[The above edited for nonsense. How about you all smack yourselves in the face. And don’t say “couplets” instead of “verses” when you talk about East Coast Hardcore. Rick Ross does not bring couplets to a collabo.  I just landed in Europe n’s. FWMYKIGI.]

May 11 – Signs a new 10-year deal with LiveNation for $200MM.

June 15 – S. Carter to become the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame as a rapper of rap music.


Some comments from some reputable sources:

Jermaine Dupri – “I know the name of Hov’s new album. It might be done.”

Swizz Beats – “They don’t even know what’s about to happen. Jay’s in Album Mode Zone.”

Unfortunately, Timbaland has kept things pretty close the vest so no confirmation from the God MC’s top producer.  Regardless, I’m waiting for new Jay and will be following this story.  BET, XXL, Complex,… I smoke all those clowns.  (Not really, I’m just aggregating their reporting).

Jay’s Twitter (not much to see)

The point of all this.

The reason this WordPress got started was because I had to factory reset my phone and wanted a new track for my alarms. I learned there’s a surprising amount of backstory to how Jay’s verse on this track came to pass. From Crack himself.  And from Bleek.  I love that Bleek is still inner circle.


So get yourself the 2016 summer jam for this summer.

All The Way Up

The remix for the city.
Crack hit Bleek on the jack like let’s make it happen.

Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is.

I’m in the room where real n’s not allowed.
I’m the only one in the room that they fear right now.


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